Tips for Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling is unique drilling technique that is used by many drilling companies. With a sonic rig and tooling, coupled with highly qualified and trained drillers, drilling depths can reach to more than 700 feet, successfully gaining almost 100% of core samples. Sonic drilling offers many benefits and here are some tips to maximize its use.

When to use sonic drilling

Not all drilling areas are the same, thus you should choose the right type of drilling method to use for a specific location. Using the type of drilling that best suit the drill site is cost effective and efficient. Sonic drilling is ideal for drilling projects that need to have a long, continuous collection of core samples. Drilling sites that entails avoiding the use of air or water during drilling call for the use of sonic drill instead of other conventional drilling methods. Examples of these projects are geo-construction, environmental projects and geotechnical applications. Drilling projects with tough ground formations can benefit from sonic drilling, as it can handle huge boulders.

Select the correct drill bits

The hardness of the ground varies, and some could reach up to 10 of the Mohs scale. When drilling unconsolidated ground, consider the sizes of the rock. It is crucial that you adjust the core barrel according to the rock size, so that drilling samples can easily pass through, ensuring a fast and easy sample collection.

Telescope the core barrel

To reach maximum depth without worrying about friction, it is best to telescope the core barrel. By doing this, friction is reduced, and you will be able to bore deeper. Core barrels should also match the size of the casing.

Know when to pull and push the drill string

Expert sonic drillers know when to push forward and when to pull back the drill string. They don’t just rely on the gauges, but rather on their own sense like feeling and hearing how the drill string is moving ahead. Others with years of experience already know about drill sites and the ground formations. Expert drillers know what to do as the drilling progresses and the hole deepens. They know what method to use as they come across different ground formations.

Pre-colaring in sonic drilling

For maximum efficiency using sonic drilling, consider pre-collaring especially when dealing with overburden. This technique is an efficient way to reach the depth you desire. Pre-collaring is a clean and quick method, and it can detect any water penetration.


Keep safety a top priority

Drilling is an occupational hazard, as it can endanger the lives of the workers. Safety should be the top priority of any drill site. Always promote and implement a safety culture in your drilling operations. Aside from safety gears and procedures, encourage your workers to always keep an alert mind at work.

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