CNC Cutting Machine vs. CNC Laser Machine Their Difference at A Glance

We often qualify CNC cutting machines as an integral part of the manufacturing sphere. As a procedure, CNC accuracy building is normally employed in the assembling segment consolidating the application of computers with the ultimate end goal of gaining control and management over these machines. 

There is a sundry of apparatuses which you can deal this with such as machines, plants switches, and processors. It could be sending out the impression that computers are dealing with these machines, but the truth of the matter is it is the control console and the special programming application of the PC that is setting the framework and using it as an integral part of CNC laser printing.  

There would be many instances in which the client will be somehow perplexed regarding the distinction that should exist between CNC laser machine and CNC cutting machine since both of them can be practically used for laser cutting and etching.  We enumerated below their genuine point of differences from 4 perspectives. 

Engraving execution

The CNC laser machine and the CNC cutter come with alternating imprint execution. The CNC switch is equipped with 3D imprinting whereas the CNC laser equipment has instead a 2D etching which will just etch at first glance. 

With respect to the imprinting speed, the CNC laser will take the lead over the switch since it has much quicker pacing. In any case, the switch can provide you with a far more superior etching exactness as opposed to what a   laser machine can deliver.  

Etch precision and pacing: the CNC laser machine’s imprint rate is speedier in comparison to the CNC switch, however, concerning the exactness of the CNC switch etching we can safely say that CNC laser is far more superior. 

Both these two machines come with their own respective diverse working performance, therefore it is going to make a difference to try to look at their level of exactness and rate.  

Cutting Execution 

Both of these pieces of equipment are employed for cutting purposes. When it comes to what sets them apart from their cutting distinction, CNC laser, and CNC cutters appear to be on their level of precision and pace.  

  1. Cutting speed: Compared to the cutting pace of CNC cutting machine, we can say that it is pretty much quicker than the CNC laser. It’s working pace is 30m/min, but the CNC laser machine’s cutting velocity is around 6m per minute. We can declare that about their cutting speeds, these two machines have a world of difference between them.  

2.        Level of cutting precision: Contrary to that of a CNC switch, CNC laser’s level of exactness is far more superior.  A CNC laser’s exactness is around 0.01mm whereas a CNC switch’s working precision is just around 0.5mm.  

The Difference in the Lifetime

One major component of a CNC laser is no other than the laser tube. After some time that it does not have much wear off, it should be supplanted. The CNC switch machine’s lifetime relies upon the devices for etching and cutting, with genuinely shoddy instruments, we are left to qualify a CNC cutter as “immortal”  

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