Can Your Doctor’s TRT Prescription Really Save You?

TRT prescriptions are practically intended to help your body get back on track in terms of having a normal concentration of testosterone in your blood. By doing so, you will enjoy a manifold of its health-improving benefit.

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Before anything else, we need to know what testosterone is and its role in the human body?

The glands in our body produce hormones, and they are carried throughout our system through the bloodstream. Hormones signal the body about various biological functions like metabolism, growth, and reproduction.

Androgen is a group of hormones where testosterone belonged to.  Upon reaching the puberty years, the male testicles commence its production of testosterone. This initiates the male body to mature sexually.

But there are cases that production of testosterone is insufficient to what the body actually needs. If you happen to have a deficiency in testosterone, you are a likely candidate for a TRT therapy in Australia.

This is going against the popular notion that deficiency in T-levels can only occur in mature men, but in truth this can happen to any male, irrespective of the age bracket they belong to.

If clinical tests from your blood sample suggest that you have low testosterone levels, a TRT treatment can provide significant help in getting it back to normal.

What is TRT Prescription?

TRT, this is the medical acronym for testosterone replacement therapy. This is sometimes referred to as an androgen replacement therapy, so basically it is the same banana.  The primary function of this treatment is to address low levels of testosterone in the blood and try to get it back to normal levels.

However, it is also gaining ground for some non-medical uses which includes any of the following

  • achieving higher energy levels
  • enhancing sexual performance
  • Muscle mass enhancement

There are researches made in the past that are suggesting that TRT therapy may actually help you achieve the above-mentioned goals. However,  some caveats have to be made initially, though.

How is TRT administered?

TRT treatment can be administered in several ways. Taken into account here are your current lifestyle as well as your medical needs.

There are methods though that require daily administration. As for the others, they can be done on a monthly basis.

Regular TRT methods include:

  • intramuscular injections
  • oral medications
  • topical creams
  • transdermal patches

Another form which is currently being introduced as an alternative way to administer TRT involves the rubbing of testosterone directly onto the gums, twice daily.

Popular Non-Medical Uses of TRT

In some countries, you may not be able to legally purchase testosterone supplements for TRT prescription. You may only do so if you carry with you a prescription coming from a licensed physician.

But even so, people still tend to seek out TRT therapy for an array of non-medical reasons. This includes any of the following:

  • increasing energy levels
  • raising endurance for athletic activities
  • gaining extra muscle mass for bodybuilding
  • boosting sexual drive or performance
  • losing weight

People have this tendency to abuse these non-medical uses of TRT to a fault. This may not come in line with a few proven benefits of TRT to people, particularly to a crowd of younger men having a normal or high concentration of T-levels in their bloodstream. The perceived risks actually outweigh the positive effects.

Additionally, the use of TRT by some athletes to gain a competitive edge in a particular sports discipline is considered as “doping” by various professional organizations. They see it as a serious offense and can be used as a valid ground for their termination from the said sports.


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